Friday, 21 December 2007

Frustrated with Full Ring - Card Dead

So far this month I've played full ring on Stars, Full Tilt, and Party and have made a whopping $38 over 14,000 hands. I've been pretty much card dead for most of it and missing most flops and draws. People are not folding to c-bets at all either, which would be awesome if I was catching hands!

According to PokerEV I'm making the correct play 61% of the time that hands go to showdown, which is quite high, but it's just not paying off and I'm getting hit pretty hard with the bad beats lately, ie. flop a flush or a straight and get the money in and villain rivers their full house or what have you a lot more than usual; flop a set that doesn't hold up after the money's in, etc. Apparently I'm down $40 overall due to all-in luck.

I'm also flopping sets only about 8% of the time that I hold a pocket pair so that doesn't help either as that is my main source of income. Hopefully this will swing itself around again.

But when negative variance is done with me it will move on to the next person, so I just have to get through it. I'll probably continue to study a bit more of my game from November since my graph looked a lot better than it does now, lol. I find that trying out other games and formats helps me see situations that I hadn't seen before at the FR NL tables.

I think I go through a couple weeks at a time where my hand reading skills are excellent followed by a couple weeks where it's way off and then some time where I'm pretty much not confident in my game at all and see monsters everywhere. So I need to snap out of that.

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