Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Not much going on this week

I haven't posted much this week as my time has basically been spent shovelling snow, lol. The snowfall amounts are crazy here right now due to it being so warm for November/December - ie 2 feet of snow on my driveway x2 this week. I'm going to try to get some time in probably tonight and the rest of the week. I've been trying out some SnGs with some pretty drastic changes to the way I play them, and this has been, for the most part successful. Even taking down a few turbos which I normally suck at because I was always such a nit.


  1. Something I have noticed at the $10nl games on Full Tilt is that they have an enormous rake. Actually moving up, if possible, seems much better. Since I moved up to $25nl, the last 10K hands have been significantly better, and I feel this is half because the reduced rake allows me to keep more of the windfall of my +EV situations. As you move up, the rake becomes a much smaller fraction of the average pot so moving up, if skill allows for it, could actually help the winrate assuming you can beat the level for anything resembling a decent rate.

    Btw, I know this is totally unrelated to shoveling snow, but since I was doing much better at $25nl than $10nl, I figured I would pass along the information. I suspect that when I move to $50nl it will be even better than that.

  2. Yea i also noticed rake is huge on NL10 on FT, but hopefully 1st deposit bonus and rakeback will cover most of it till i get bankroll and skills for NL25

  3. Thanks for the advice Derrick. I noticed that the rake for Full Tilt was 10% at 10NL compared to 5% on Stars. I agree with both of you that moving up will solve this problem.

    I know that first deposit bonus is very nice and they give you a nice long time to clear it (3 months I think)compared to some sites that give you 1 week.

    To Full Tilt: Please give me a redeposit bonus k thanks!