Friday, 4 July 2008

June Results

June turned out alright. I played about 2/3 of my hands at 25NL and put in about 1/3 at 50NL with a little 100NL mixed in to see what it's like. I was decently happy with my results from 50NL, but I got a little tilty/ran bad towards the end but managed to recover again. I plan to play the majority of my hands at 50NL this month, mixing in some 25NL when the tables are slow.

I think playing a mixture of both is really going to help me. My winrate so far at 50NL is less than 1/2 my winrate at 25NL, so my hourly is actually higher at 25NL. Playing both will help though because on days when I feel up to the challenge, which will hopefully be most of them, I will play 50NL and work on my game. Then on days when I don't feel like my A game or feel like just making some money, I can take what I've learned back to 25NL and crush it for an even higher winrate. There are A LOT of regs at 50NL as well.

I really want to stick to 50NL mostly though due to the increase in VPP volume, especially with the huge promotions going on this month. Retaining gold status took me until the 3rd week of June last month, and I've already retained it for next month in the first 4 days of July. I haven't figured out what Stars means by the double your VIP level for the last week of July, but I have a feeling they will bump us up a level from where ever we're at, so my goal is to get to platinum before then and I can at least say I was supernova for 1 week, lol.

They apparently are having a huge part of the promotion in weeks 2 and 3 of July but are not saying what it is. I am really hoping this is the monster reload bonus for the year to give me a nice boost.

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