Tuesday, 25 August 2009

About Me (About Time)

I realized I've never really done anything about who I am in the year or 2 since I started this blog. There was a thread similar to this and I posted so I might as well post the pics here too now that I have them online.

I graduated from university a few years back with a Bachelor of Arts, major in geography and minor in history. Planned to continue into the Education program but, lol, I only found out in the last semester of year 3 that there were 1500 applications for 300 spots. And about 90% of geography students had the same plan as me and they only need so many geography teachers. The next year backlogged as I graduated from highschool the same year as Ontario stopped teaching grade 13 and had 2 graduation classes. My province was the only one accepting students from outside the province so we get an influx of people from everywhere while no one else accepts anyone resulting in 5000 applications for 300 spots. gg education.

On to a regular job. It is about the highest paying + complete benefits for a non-education-requirement job (global corporation FTW) in the area so I can't really complain although it gets super boring and it's shift work.

I live in a small town of about 10k people with a neighbouring town of about 12k. Nice and quiet and a lot of people know each other - that whole small town thing. Here's some pics of my house, cat, daughter, town etc.


  1. Nice house imo, very nice street and the garden is like a dream imo, I bet your daughters loves it...

    Very nice.