Monday, 24 August 2009

Getting smacked by the deck

I've been running good and bad at the same time. Weird contradiction. I'm getting smacked by the deck in terms of cards where I can valuebet postflop, but at the same time pocket pairs are only hitting sets 3% of flops and I am not holding in all-in situations nearly as often as I should be - down 6 BI in all-in equity over the last 15k hands. Also running into random 2 pairs in 4bet pots is a little annoying (AA vs K8o ???).

That said, I am getting dealt a ton of value by the deck and getting a ton of flop and turn cbets called when I actually have it which seems like all the time and this has turned out to double my average winrate for 50NL and 100NL this week despite my run-bad in terms of all-in and sets.

I've also almost completely stopped big spews, no more I-know-I'm-beat-spite-calls and me being as tilt-free as I've been in a very long time. Just solid range/equity thought process 99% of the time. I hope I can stay in this state of mind. Taking notes on donks when I get sucked out on again sure beats thinking about how am I going to "outplay" him next time - read: spew.

I used to spew a buyin for every beat I took which leads to some unnecessary downswings. A lot of the magnitude of those swings can be diminished if I can think grind grind grind grind beat... and then choose grind again instead of spew since spew usually leads to more spew.

10k more VPPs to go to retain Supernova for the year. I've been playing mostly 50NL and 100NL FR to finish this up and haven't played 6 max much in the past week. I'm half way to finishing up 50NL there if I'm sticking with the 10k hands + good winrate rule.

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