Friday, 28 August 2009

A case of runbad: false alarms imo

Swongs are fun. First you can not win a hand if your life depended on it. Then someone flips a switch and you can't lose a hand.

Last night my life was pretty miserable at 50NL 6max with people consistently drawing to 2 pair vs my top pair, sets on wet boards seeing the grossest all-draw-completing turn and river cards. My line seemed to be b/f, b/f, c/f every time I attempted to valuebet. And every single coinflip was lost after getting my money in first on every single one of them. Ship the 5.5 BI below equity in 2k hands.

I am now able to keep this in perspective though and I can confidently say I did not tilt at all during that stretch. I actually made notes on those hands and created counter-strategies to pwn these donks. I felt really good about my play of that session after reviewing.

3 hours later this morning, I fire up some tables again. Every session, every hand = a fresh start. 20 minutes later (and after starting off down another buyin) I make it all back. Didn't change my strat. Didn't think I must be doing something wrong. There's an enormous amount of luck in the short term, but absolutely none in the long term and I'm confident that my game is a long term winner. I think people are too quick to change what they're doing when they're downswinging and can do some permanent damage, or at least some damage that is very hard to undo and will probably cause them to take longer to recover.

Some inspiration for the people that are downswonging right now, it can change just like that if you stick to your winning strat:


  1. Nice upswong.

    I'm kinda running a little bad right now and it makes me not wanna play at all, plus the fact I'm kinda burnt out, taking a little break is definitely good for me as I felt myself majorly tilting for like the first time ever. I've become steamed before and insta-shut the tables down, but I can 100% say I've never tilted to an extent I did the other day, I just couldn't bring myself to even think about playing cool after.

    I don't think everyone thinks about changing their game, it's just the psychology of kind of expecting to lose when ahead, and when it happens, it's like "oh here we go again". **Insta-turn off auto post blinds.**

  2. Funny, I just had a bad session too. KK runs into AA, set over sets and etc. Tried very hard not to tilt--happy to say I did not.