Thursday, 2 June 2011

June Goals

A few thoughts about what I want to accomplish in June. I haven't been one for goals lately because they either don't get accomplished and the realistic ones that I do set and accomplish don't really give me any satisfaction in getting them done. So I've kind of taken a whatever happens, happens approach for the last while.

But this month I want to set goals for a different reason. I want to keep myself on track instead of just slacking off. I seem to be somewhat obsessed with spreadsheets and wanting to fill them in with new data as often as possible. Nerd, I know.

So here's my June plan:

100 hours and/or 100k hands at 25NL. I get these confidence boosts at lower stakes and then jump up to deposit money into regs accounts at 50NL and 100NL and I end up with lower confidence than I started with. If I can stick to something I know I can crush for a extended period of time, I'm going to be happy.

Try the M100 workout I've seen on a few other blogs. Apparently it's impossible.

Continue to lose weight. I'm only 5'11 and 5 months ago was a half pound short of 240 lbs. Contrast that to the healthy 175 lbs I was with daily high school basketball and soccer practices but this is what happens when you keep the eating routine and drop the exercise. Today I'm feeling much better and have a ton more energy at 209 lbs. I seem to get into these weird cliffs and plateaus where I'll lose 4 lbs in a week and then stay there for 2-3 weeks before the next big drop. I haven't exercised at all over that time period besides a 3 mile walk we've started doing with the kids every other night. I've cut fast food from 4 meals a week to 1.5 meals a week and eat chicken nearly every day. I also basically replaced my entire pop consumption (which was at least 1 can every 2 days) with Crystal Light singles packs and Tetley instant ice tea packs.

I've already got the poker spreadsheet going for the year so I'll have to make one up for the exercise thing if I decide the M100 program is for me.

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