Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Review

June started off with a huge rollercoaster over my first 10k hands winning and subsequently losing back 15 buyins. I then started the slow climb at a respectable 6 bb/100 over the next 3 weeks with a nice even graph. I was pretty much in the hand reading zone for the longest stretch that I can remember.

Hand reading is more important than every other skill set combined.

June ended off with another rollercoaster via taking a shot and running really well only to lose it all back the next day. Allan Boston says don't play the day after a huge win. It's too much of a careless freeroll.

I didn't quite hit my goals for the month as a few life projects came up.
  • 80k hands, 72 hours
  • Did not even look at the M100 program yet
  • Spent the past 2 days outside in 32 degree heat / 90% humidity staining my deck
  • Finished up my wife's online store
I think I would have likely accomplished 100k hands if I didn't have the other projects to work on so I feel pretty good about how much volume I did put in. This turned into the 2nd best month I've had so far this year overall, and best month in table winnings if you disregard rakeback.

I'm at 60k VPP and will lose Supernova if I don't finish the other 40k up by the end of September. This is going to be really dependent on if I move up or not since my current stakes makes 10k VPPs in a month a bit of a stretch with my schedule. Moving up a stake would make 15k per month pretty easy. Even if I drop back to Platinum for a month or two, I'm only going to lose between $150 and $300 in VIP value so it's not that terrible.

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