Friday, 4 July 2008

July: Off to a Good Start

July is going to be good. Stars promos, moving up, (hopefully) running good.

I've put in 10k hands at 50NL already at ~3 ptBB/100 and 3k hands at 25NL for 7 ptBB/100. I have been multitabling 50NL like crazy trying to get the double VPPs in. Probably not the best thing to do regarding my winrate but it's only for a week and I figure this will give me a good start on my next bonus and a chance to catch up a bit to see if I can hit Supernova for the year.

I really hadn't considered it being possible while I was playing 3 months of 25NL, but the move up and subsequent pot sizes really increase the amount of VPPs you can make. At this point, I need to earn about 400 VPPs per day for the rest of the year to get Supernova for next year. It's going to be close if I don't move up to 100NL. That comes out to about 2 hours of playing per day to stay on the safe side of those calcuations with the number of tables I play.

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