Wednesday, 30 July 2008

VIP Platinum Tourney

Busted out ~120th or so. Guy was stealing like mad, 80%+ and I had 3bet him a couple times already, he calls my KQo 3bet this time with QhJh and shoves over my flop bet on AsKh9h. I used some time, figured if this was a strong Ax he would have shoved PF and he wouldn't play weak aces. Turn is 5h and he takes my chips. I was starting to think I might cash this, too.

Sigh. Donkaments.


  1. Hey mate, just thought i'd let you know that i enjoy reading your blog thorouhgly. Im basically what you were about 6 months in terms of poker stakes (currently grinding stars nl5). Im going to start posting my progress fairly often so if you can offer any tips on my play and leaks etc it would be much appreciated. The address is


  2. Cool, I'll add you to my blog list. I like seeing where other people are at. If I can help that's a bonus!