Sunday, 10 August 2008

1 Week of Holidays!

I'm on holidays from work this week. Hopefully I can put in some good hours but I wouldn't mind taking off and and travelling for a couple of days either.

I've been absolutely dominating 25NL so far this month. I'm currently ~18 tabling with a nice winrate of 8 ptBB/100 over 17k hands and I'm starting to add a few more spots where I can play a hand in position against the right players. This amounts to more than double my salary (per hour) at my day job, lol.

50NL is another story. I basically have the same winrate, but sadly it is negative =). Thankfully it is over far fewer hands so I've actually made some money this month. It's going to take me a while to adjust and I'm actually considering just grinding out 25NL for another month or 2 without dumping money at 50NL, and perhaps moving up to 100NL at that point. ime I've always found 100NL to be far more straightforward postflop than 50NL, but it could just be me. Guess I'll find out and hopefully I'm not totally wrong. I'll just set aside a few buyins to play with and take a shot in the next while. I think I had such an awesome start at 50NL last month because of the 2x VPP promotion going on bringing out all sorts of fish and people were multitabling like mad and not paying attention. That all went away the second week of July and the game got 5x harder for me.

I'm in the process of clearing the reload deposit today, so I've accomplished my goal of clearing an FPP and a reload bonus by August 15th. It's going to be pretty close for retaining Platinum this month if I continue to play exclusively at 25NL.

I also added Speedle's blog to the list of blogs I read. He just started it up yesterday and it should be quite interesting. He plays mostly 200NL and has really helped me out with my game as well. Check it out.


  1. Hey mate, just wondering if you knew how to combine stats on poker tracker? I have started playing on Everest and have imported my hands to pt3. However they are seperate to my Stars stats. Any way to put them together?

    Thanks, and goodluck with the weeks grinding!

    - behhh04

  2. Nice blog... Good luck for ur grinding session!
    Mine is in french^^ with similar profile