Sunday, 24 August 2008

Holdem Manager

I complain and complain and complain, and what does it get me? A PT3 refund is what. I hadn't really been able to use the HUD for the past 2 months due to lag issues, so I had gone back to using PT2 and PAHUD which sucked since after using the next generation software, going back feel horrible. I thought, ok I'll wait it out for PT3, but eventually I realized it's not going to happen and said screw it, I didn't pay for PT2 and PAHUD, I paid for a working version of PT3.

I explained that I did not pay to be a beta tester. Let me cut off those that always seem to say "well there's a trial version." I tried beta 11 for the month before commercial build 1 was released and it actually worked really well. I assumed that build 1 would be just as good and include tons of features to make it at least as good as PT2, import faster, and possibly have awesome new features, so I bought it the day it came out. Unlucky for me. I had nothing but lag and hours and hours of reimporting hands into new databases to try to get this worked out over the past 5 months.

After I got my refund, I went and downloaded the trial version of Holdem Manager: Yes, I am smart. SMRT. Tried it for 1 day and was thoroughly impressed and I bought it, although it is slightly slower than PT3 so far - that said, I haven't vacuumed or anything yet.

What definately sold me on it was the absolutely incredible amount of detail available in the HUD, especially in the pop-up stats. I am no longer guessing that this 20/15 only plays 8/6 in EP, I know it. Just incredible. I found the HUD much easier to customize as well, although the default turned out to be exactly what I had planned on changing my PAHUD settings to prior to buying HEM. I love this software - I highly recommend it.

I changed things around a bit, I used to have:
VPIP / PFR / AF / hands
Cbet / Fold to Cbet / ATS / Fold to Steal

I thought why do we put AF in the first line with preflop info and ATS and Fold to Steal in the second line with postflop info?

I now have:
name / hands
VPIP / PFR / ATS / 3bet%
AF / Ag Freq. / Cbet / Fold to Cbet /

I also really like the idea of making the colour coding fainter for smaller sample sizes when the numbers are not solid enough to rely on, which HEM does automatically. I'm not sure at what point they consider each stat sample to be large enough, but it seems to be working well.

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