Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Kind of unmotivated...

I don't know why but I haven't really felt like firing up the tables lately. I ended up going on a mini-vacation last week and I've only played about 45 minutes since Tuesday, lol. I'm going to try to put in a few hands tonight, but full ring feels really unappealing right now.

So here's my plan for tonight, in order:

Try to play 4 tables of 50NL full ring.
If I get bored, go to 6 tables of 25NL 6 max and LAG it up.
If I'm still bored play some omahaha.
If I'm really just bored, quit.

What's really stupid is I've been playing stupid free games online after I googled "bored." Such a waste of time. I also picked up Frontlines: Fuels of War which is really awesome and has also wasted some time - I'm not much of an FPS guy: poker or video game wise, haha, but this one is really good. I pretty much stopped playing video games when I found poker but every now and then if I find a game that's highly addictive via my brother's review (he finds all sorts of awesome stuff), I take a break from poker when I'm running so-so.

Also I may be playing live in the WSOP $40 No-limit tournament this weekend in some guy's garage. It looks like there are 50 entries with 1st getting 30% of the pool and I've heard it's a marathon. "W" obviously does not stand for World...

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