Saturday, 2 August 2008

July Results

I suppose I shouldn't complain about July. But I'm going to =) I really thought I would be crushing this month after the start that I had, but 2 really long breakeven stretches put an end to that. They started to really get to me and I really started questioning my game.

I'm back down at 25NL right now trying to work out what's changed. I don't feel like being an escalator taking my winnings up to 50NL and depositing them there to go back down, as someone in the 2p2 full ring forum said.

I mean, I can see exactly what my problem is in my database - not playing enough hands - but I can't quite figure out how to fix it. I've been trying to cold call a lot of the hands that I used to be able to open raise with at 25NL, but I just seem to hit a run of cold cards and coolers when I move up there and I tighten up again. That and I'm not quite comfortable playing for stacks here with top pair. Then I get tilty and play bad. I think that when I tighten up like that my range becomes very narrow and very obvious to the regs and they are exploiting this regardless of position and I've been picking very bad spots to play back. I'm really trying to keep that frame of mind that I talked about in one of my last posts, but it doesn't always happen.

So graph is needed obviously - graph + $285 in bonus cash. I unexpectedly made Platinum as well which is nice. I really wish I would not have gotten stupid towards the end of the VIP 2x tourney. I think I really had a shot at cashing that for Supernova.

Plans for this month are to play 25NL until I regain confidence. If I run bad at that, I will be playing some SnGs. They have a new $3.40 9 person that I tried out. Slightly high rake, but they are extremely soft. I cashed 3/4 with 2 1st place and 1 2nd place. I think I would be able to play about 10 of these at a time if I wanted.

I've also been putting off updating PT3. The new beta is out which I need, but I hate making new databases constantly and reimporting hands because they have fixed stats and can't convert the current database. Suppose I should let it go overnight tonight.

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