Sunday, 25 January 2009

25NL Video: Takin Redline Maney

Hey, I finally got this video finished. I have a massive toothache and found it a little difficult to concentrate while doing the commentary so if there's anything I missed that looks non-standard or if I'm spewing nonsense just go ahead and point it out.

I run pretty decent for the first 1/2 or so and then spew some of it back so that's fun. This is actually quite a bit more LAGgy than even I usually play as it's only 6 tables and I get a little spewy with less than 12.

I paused the video at some points to go into more detail on my thought process. I did take some notes while playing so that the commentary stays as close as possible to my original live thought process.

Oh and my SN is obviously censored because I'm paranoid that you guys will pwn me if you know who I am . Here's a quick overview of my HUD so I don't have to jumble it up in the commentary. Preflop stats on top, postflop stats on bottom. VPIP/PFR are the only 2 that change color according to ranges - green = fish, orange/yellow = TAGish, red/purple = TAGish/nit:
Stats and graph for this video are in the last post.


  1. ok, i will make some time to watch the video, but 24/14 aint that laggy at 25nl given the implied odds with so many stations preflop (i find, at least)
    but its really great you are prepared to move down a few levels and experiment. we should all do it, but I never seem to bother.

    keep bloggin.

  2. Hi,

    This is a great video as I'm new at this game. I still have a lot to learn. Do you have any other videos you can share on micro stakes?