Monday, 5 January 2009

Starting to learn NLHE :p

So I started the NLHE Intermediate Course on Stox today. I had really put off watching videos there because of the way they were organized - or lack thereof - and almost all of them are 6max.

So now they come along after being asked the millionth time "you have 600 videos, where do I start?" and put videos into an organized, comprehensive outline with a Begginner's Course and an Intermediate Course. Thank you! I need structure. And now I'm watching those 6max videos and with the expanded outline I know what concepts I am actively looking for to take out of the videos and disregarding the fact that they are 6max based. Just like school! (I am a nerd and enjoyed school btw). It's something to work towards with a begginning and end. And I hope they keep adding more courses, maybe on specific concepts would be nice.

I've been lazy about putting in the hours playing so far this month - only 4 hours @ 5ptBB/100 @ 50NL right now, meh. But I'm really happy with my play and really excited about using Ed Miller's strategeries on how to beat not-so-good TAGs after some very exciting preliminary results, ie. Takin Redline Maney.

Oh and I ordered my PS Monkey like everyone is supposed to. They've got a promo going on and I am winning the 100k FPPs apparently. I just have to come up with a good photo op for my Monkey which I haven't thought of yet. I'm assuming he will also have an interesting TR when he gets here in 6-8 weeks.


    Sign if you like!

  2. although a lot of the vids are 6max, one of my vids ended up in the beginner course. enjoy =)


  3. Interesting petition... I'll have to think about it. I hardly use my VIP tickets to those so maybe I should sign this. I don't want bonuses handed out at the tables because I'm convinced I'll never get one after 24 tabling for 35 hours and not hitting a million milestone hand :(

    And that's good to hear one of yours got into the beginner course SplitSuit! I haven't looked through that course outline yet. I suppose I might pick and choose through those ones as well.

  4. ... and I am converting whatever they are saying as I go. I just take VPIP/PFR * 0.66 to convert to fullring stats and away I go. I think this is close enough =)