Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back to relaxing

I'm back to 18 tabling 50NL. I haven't played much in the past couple of days because I didn't feel like it much at all. I played in the $50k and $20k VIP tourneys today and they tilted me a lot. Finished just in the money in the $20k, meh... I also put in some 6max but I don't have the patience for it - which is kind of oxymoronic since I play full ring - but I can only manage 6-8 tables and I get bored... maybe impatient is a better word... and start pushing hands hard even though I'm comfortably grinding out 10+ptBB/100 at 25NL. idk why that is.

I fired up 50NL FR later this evening and it was filled with fish. I made a ton of thin river valuebets and my reads were nearly 100% accurate over 1k hands that I put in - which is a pretty big confidence booster. I finished up 5 buyins over those 1k hands and called it a day.

I'm thinking I'm going to grind out 50k to 100k hands of 50NL before heading back up to 100NL. I have a lot more to learn and practice before going up to that level again. I have learned and re-learned so much basic theory and it's just a matter of applying it properly regardless of what level you're playing at. I think about the theory behind this game way too much lol.

Right now I'm mostly working on taking actions to manipulate different parts of my opponents' ranges. ie. they'll do this with an overpair if I do this, and they'll do that with a bluff if I check to them - all in the same hand - and try to find the best line given what they'll do with different hands. It's still all pretty complicated to me and I think 50NL is a good place to work on that.


  1. Hi, thanks for the add, just wondering what you think is a good BB/100 24 tabling 25nl?

  2. wtb graph of your 25NL / 50NL btw !

  3. I'd say a decent winrate for 24 tabling 25NL would be around 3-4+ptBB/100.

    I know the game is definately beatable for 10ptBB/100 18 tabling though. I just lose a lot of focus 24 tabling.