Thursday, 17 January 2008

Another Awesome Day at 25nl now served with 6 max

I played about 1000 hands of 25nl full ring today and ran pretty well pulling in just over 3 buyins in 2 hours. 700 of these were normal full ring no limit, but the other 300 were actually pot limit. I didn't realize what kind of tables I opened and I was playing on 3 pot limit tables and wondering what was wrong with the slider and why my preflop raises were only $0.85, lol. I only figured it out after about 250 hands when I opened up Poker Tracker ring game stats and wondered why there were PL hands being imported. 300 hands later I'm up 1.5 buyins at pot limit.

So I take a break and decide to try out the 6 max tables with the intentions of leaving if I encounter some really aggro players or lose 1/2 a buyin. I was just getting ready to leave when the following 300+ BB hand took place:

Poker Stars, $0.10/$0.25 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 6 Players - Hand History Converter

MP: $31.45
CO: $24.60
BTN: $24.45
SB: $5
Hero (BB): $24.25
UTG: $24.65

Pre-Flop: A Q dealt to Hero (BB)
UTG folds, MP calls $0.25, CO folds, BTN raises to $1, SB calls $0.90, Hero calls $0.75, MP calls $0.75

Flop: ($4) J T K (4 Players)
SB checks, Hero checks, MP bets $1.75, BTN calls $1.75, SB calls $1.75, Hero raises to $12, MP calls $10.25, BTN raises to $23.45 and is All-In, SB calls $2.25 and is All-In, Hero calls $11.25 and is All-In, MP calls $11.45

Turn: ($78.15) 4 (4 Players - 1 is All-In)

River: ($78.15) 7 (4 Players - 1 is All-In)

Results: $78.15 Pot ($3 Rake)

MP showed 9 8 (a straight, Seven to Jack) and WON $0.40 (-$24.05 NET)
BTN mucked K T and LOST (-$24.45 NET)
SB mucked J A and LOST (-$5 NET)
Hero showed A Q (a straight, Ten to Ace) and WON $74.75 (+$50.50 NET)

My hand held and amazingly no one was on the flush draw. This is probably in my top 5 favorite hands I have ever played. After that I decided I am not ready for this kind of agression so I am going to stay at the full ring tables for a while now. I think I would be safer in my 6 max endeavors if I stay a buyin below where I am at in full ring. They play for stacks WAY to easily at these tables, imo. But I'm a nit.

Overall, another very successful day! Maybe this night shift thing helps me play in the mornings because I feel very awake until about 11:00 AM local time after work.

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