Thursday, 10 January 2008

Getting used to 25NL

I'm getting more and more positive that I am going to be able to keep playing well at 25NL. From what I've seen so far it's not that much different 10NL. I'm up about 3.5 buyins in 600 hands over the last couple of days so that's pretty good for me.

I've cut way down on tables so that I can concentrate on the action and take more notes so right now I'm starting off with 4 tables and when those seem to be going well, I add another 4. I'm getting the hands in a lot slower than when I was playing 12-16 tables at 10NL and lower, but I think my quality of play really makes up for that.

The really nice thing about 25NL so far is being able to earn FPPs at a decent rate. At Stars, the pot needs to reach $8.00 for a $0.40 rake to earn an FPP. This was quite rare at 10NL, the rake was usually between $0.10-0.30 - just under the limit, but it is quite common at 25NL and virtually every 3bet pot earns an FPP. I hope to hit Silver VIP for the first time this month.

I'll see if I can get a video together for FR 10NL soon, considering that I've been playing well/running hot lately. I had been holding off on making one since I was in a bit of a slump through December.

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