Saturday, 12 January 2008

First $100 Day

I finally hit my first $100 day, which is 4 buyins at 25nl obviously. I've hit 6 buyins at 10nl before but this felt like much more of an accomplishment. I started the day off pretty shaky, dropping a buyin just from preflop and c-bets when I couldn't hit a single flop on tables with aggro players. Took a short break and a few hours later I find myself up 5 buyins from where I left off.

I pretty much managed to avoid my overpairs getting cracked by sets which was nice and I stacked a couple of players with sets of my own. I made a couple of really bad plays where I just couldn't make myself fold even though I couldn't beat anything, and I would have been up probably another 1-2 buyins if not for those.

So far I have almost 13k hands in this month, 5k of those have been at 25nl with about 1/2 of my profits coming from that and the other half from the 5nl 6max tables I've been trying out. 7 BB/100 for 25nl in my first official week of playing it isn't too bad I don't think. At this rate I'd like to get in about 20k total hands at 25nl for the month and if I continue at my current rate that would leave me up about 30 buyins for 25nl for the month and I would be bankrolled with about 25 buyins for 50nl. But I definitely want to get in at least 20k hands at 25nl before I even consider moving up again.

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