Monday, 7 January 2008

Moving Up to 25NL

I officially decided to move up to 25NL today - I think. I had been trying to convince myself for the past couple of weeks and decided I would have to do it sooner or later. My confidence in my game is pretty high right now so I thought that this would be as perfect a time as any.

I was up just over 2 buyins, then lost 1/2 a buyin on a stupid play I made trying to push a guy off his hand as he had been floating me a lot; unluckily for me he flopped quads. Reminder to myself not to invest too much OOP with overs when I get heavy resistance. I didn't even run that well to begin with and was nitting it up at about 10/7/1 but then caught a good run and finished up $34 at 9.4BB/100 over 700 hands and improved my agression to about 11/8/5.

I am going to stick to my bankroll management and move down if I drop below 19 buyins for 25nl and keep taking shots at it as soon as I am over 20. Hopefully my days at 10nl are over now. I am currently sitting at 24 buyins for 25nl.

First Impression of 25NL

1. People do not stack off with top pair as easily. Of course there are still the 53/5/1 fish that will, there are just fewer of them.

2. People float a lot more, or at least appear to. I think there are more players that understand how to float a cbet with overcards here so that means there are at least a few 2nd level thinkers here.

3. Play is not that much tougher than 10NL. I actually found hands easier to play as people were a lot easier to put on a hand than the crazy ATC players at 10NL and below. There are also players that are 3betting 99-JJ and AQs+ preflop here, which you see almost none of at 10NL and below so that widened range needs to be taken into account against some players.

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