Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Up and Down Day

Today was just gross. I went on a heater this morning winning 5 buyins. I take a break for lunch and come back and take a 3.5 buyin loss within the first hour. Set over set 3 times in a row, flush over flush 3 times in a row, 74o flopping 2 pair in a 3bet pot. Just can not finish the trip to value town without variance throwing in a little detour. AHHHHHHH!

Enough of my ranting, as you can tell I'm on night shift. Currently re-reading Sklansky's Theory of Poker over night and taking notes this time. It sure makes a lot more sense the 3rd time through. I highly recommend it even though it is kind of dry and reminds me of those high school textbooks. Very helpful concepts and theories though, so it's a must read.

I plan to be at 50nl sometime next month at this rate. I'm still finding 25nl easier to beat than 10nl because there are so many more reasonable players that it's easier to put them on a hand rather than the random 2 pair trash hands in multiway pots that the people at 10nl seems be involved in. For my style of play it works much better because cbets are folded to a lot more by the fish here because I find them more weak-tight than weak-passive at this level. The fish here seem to be much more exploitable as I am guaranteed to have less of them in the hand and I'm finding it easier to isolate them - less gambling and more poker is to my advantage.

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