Thursday, 20 March 2008

Back to Stars 25nl

I moved back to Stars 25nl yesterday. Everest was going good but it was a bit much in terms of variance for 10nl - nevermind 25nl. That and the bonus clears so slowly at the micros; I cleared about $30 in probably 15 hours even though I tried to start tables to earn double points and clear 2x as fast. That and I was really starting to miss PT and PAHUD.

So I went back to Stars and started nitting it up at 25nl full ring again. My game is usually a bit more open than this but I am trying to be very selective in the hands I play and for what reasons, and making sure I have a reason to play a hand. This leads to very little cold calling preflop and I almost always have the initiative when I'm in the hand. I think my nittiness is a bit misleading for the regs because my range is not actually what a regular nit would have and I probably play a few more speculative hands when I'm up against someone giving me good implied odds. The HUDbots are definitely going to be off on their reads.

Today's been good: running 9/6/6 <--- yes, finally working on my aggression factor. I got some advice that I should be deciding on the flop how I want to play the hand and putting my opponent on a range and acting accordingly right away while my actions are still inexpensive. According to the Fundamental Theorem of Poker you basically want to raise when you're ahead and fold when you're behind (ie. play the way you would if you knew what your opponent's cards were), the only time you should be calling is when you are getting pot/implied odds to hit your draw and even then calling is not always the best option.

So for today that has resulted in postflop aggression factors of 6, 14, and 2.5 for each respective street. I've been running pretty good today so that's why they are quite high, but I am normally trying to keep my flop and turn AF at least around 3 and my river AF around 2.

Played just under 1000 hands today 6 tabling and ran at 27ptBB/100 for a nice profit.

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