Sunday, 30 March 2008

March Update

One more day in March and I'm not sure if I'll be playing tomorrow or not so I'm updating my blog now. I've had some mixed results for the month playing 25nl - a few really bad tilt sessions, some sessions where I was totally focused and making great reads but losing anyways, and some really great sessions where I found some fish to hand me a bunch of buyins.

I'm slowly getting more used to the 25nl flow. Some players are a lot more aggressive here than at 10nl so patience really pays off. Most of them are still weak-tight though. I've played a total of 11k hands of 25nl this month and about the same for 10nl.

I ran quite poorly at 10nl and that's where most of my tilty sessions were so my winrate for that is only 3.7ptBB/100 over 12k hands, which is quite low for me. I would often drop down if I was playing poorly at 25nl, not really the best idea when I should probably just quit for the day.

25nl was a much better level running at 7.1ptBB/100 over 11k hands. I played a lot more nitty at this level and I think I need to get over that. My work on aggression is starting to pay off though and I'm keeping it above 2 for the most part. I'm going to start taking shots at 50nl hopefully this week if I continue to run well at 25nl. I'm thinking maybe 20k total hands at 25nl would be better before I make the move permanent according to my bankroll management post - that's only another 9k and I'm playing about 2k a day when I get a couple of hours.

I've heard that 100nl is actually easier than 50nl because so many TAG regs get stuck at 50nl and take a long time to move up. I guess I'll have to find out for myself. There must be a bunch of gamblers that figure anything less than a $1BB isn't any fun and that's less than the minimum at most casino's anyways - usually they offer $1/$2. They don't realize that online is MUCH tougher than live. I've read that 25nl is comparable to $1/$2 live and the game plays totally different, not as many limpers and the standard raise is much lower. I hardly ever play live so I don't have a lot of experience with that and can't imaging opening for 12BB and getting 1 or 2 callers.

Anyways, graph is obviously needed:

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