Saturday, 15 March 2008

It's been a good couple days at Everest

Everest is being quite good to me so far. I find that the 10nl tables play similarly to the 2nl tables on Stars in terms of table dynamic - a lot of limping and calling and calling down with any pair, top pair no kicker hands are the nuts, etc. The skill is probably a little better than the 2nl tables on Stars but not by much for the most part.

You'll often see a couple of guys like me that are cleaning up multiple tables sitting with 3+ buyins and the rest are sitting with 1/2 to a full buyin so it's really easy to see who to avoid playing pots with and I think those players understand this, too. So it hasn't been too much of a struggle playing without my HUD. I still can't figure out those hand histories even after converting them in Poker Tracker. They won't import for me. I'll probably just MS Paint those hands into my graph later, lol.

I've managed to put in about 6 hours in the past 3 days and I'm up 10 buyins at 10nl so far. I think I'll be playing the 25nl tables there as soon as I have about $200 on that site (I just made the minimum deposit of $50 for the bonus I signed up for). My calculations show that I'm running about 21ptBB/100 over 2500 hands with 3ptBB/100 of that coming from the bonus. I went on a bit of a variance swing last night with a 3 buyin swong where I had 80,90, and 95% equity on 3 hands when I got all the money in and lost so I would be running a little better than this if not for those hands.

My bonus is 10% cleared so far so I'm guessing it will only take me another 25 hours to clear at 25nl if pots are double the size.

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