Sunday, 9 March 2008

Settling back into full ring 25nl

I decided to settle back into grinding 25nl today, just 4 tables. During my breakeven stretch I think I was a little tilty in the impatient department and played far too many marginal hands. So I sat down and crunched a few ptBB/100 numbers and made myself an Excel ptBB calculator to remind myself that you don't have to be up a whole lot in an hour to be considered to be crushing the game - I consider "crushing" to be 10+/100 at 10nl and 8+/100 at 25nl etc. This sure helps to reduce the number of marginal situations I get myself into and the result is me playing more hands that I am in control of.

Played 500 hands so far today at 15/100 and would like to play another ~9500 in the next week or so before I start trying to move up to 50nl. I am currently overrolled for 50nl and almost rolled for 100nl, lol I'm such a nit.

Oh and here's my graph for the year so far - I haven't posted it in a while. That ugly stretch in the middle is the last week of January until the last week of February.

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