Thursday, 20 March 2008

Long Term Plan - Bankroll Management

I decided on a longterm bankroll management plan to help me move up levels. I stuck around at 10nl far too long (over a year) without considering moving up. $25 was a lot of money and it was scary to lose that much in one hand until quite recently for me.

So here's my plan, I play one level until I hit the top $ limit, have at least 10k hands at that limit, and I am beating that limit for at least 5ptBB/100 over the last 10k hand stretch. If I meet those requirements, I move up. If I drop below the lower $ limit at the current level, I have to drop down and work myself back up to the upper $ limit fo the lower level. fjdsajflk; That's confusing so:

10nl - $0 - $500
25nl - $400 - $1500
50nl - $1250 - $2500
100nl - $2000 - $6500
200nl - $6000 - $14,000

... and so on - hopefully.

This essentially gives me 5 buyins to lose at the new level before moving back down and regaining confidence. And the higher up I go, I give myself more of a cushion in terms of buyins.

I withdrew about 1/3 of my roll today to pay for some bills since I'm technically rolled for 100nl but have no intention of moving up from 25nl for another 8500 hands, and I'm still overrolled for 50nl even after my withdrawal so no sense in having that money sit there and do nothing when I don't need it.

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