Thursday, 22 November 2007

10k hands of 10NL complete

It's been just over a week since I last posted. It's been pretty slow for me in terms of playing poker as I've had a lot of other stuff going on this week. Ran fairly well at 10NL - just over 7BB/100. I've really got to work on my aggression factor, I only felt like I was playing my best for maybe 5k of the 10k hands and so I played a little bit of 5NL in between.

I just cashed out like I said I would at the beginning of the month, so my bankroll is officially at ~$350 (I cashed out a little more than I thought, which is nice) which means I anticipate playing around another 10k hands of 10NL at my current winrate before moving up to 25NL.

Here's my current stats and graph for this month:

I just realized a couple of days ago when I was looking for a mic that my PS2 headset had a USB plug so I plugged it into my PC and sure enough it works! So I plan on having at least one video up by the end of the weekend, probably a 5NL and then a 10NL. I'll most likely be uploading it to MegaUpload so you guys can download it instead of having it streaming and waiting for it to buffer.

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