Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Venturing into 6 max

I decided to keep up the high variance play that I've been experiencing today, albeit I am back at Stars, by trying out some 2NL 6 max and ran pretty well! I was 12 tabling for the most part and made about 15 2NL buyins which is the equivalent of what I lost earlier at 10NL full ring on FTP, so I'm happy. People sure stack off a lot lighter than even at 2NL full ring. I felt like I was playing so many hands since this was deepstacked again - stuff like 64s, 96s that I would normally fold preflop. Despite that I was still only running 23/10/1.5 according to Poker Tracker.

Played 1800 hands and ran at an awesome 40BB/100. I might try this 6 max thing out for the next couple of days, that winrate is double what I ran at for 2NL full ring, so hopefully I can keep close to sustaining it. If I run good tomorrow for the first 1000 hands I'll go to 5NL and play deepstacked there. The only thing I don't like is having to open up so many tables because tables break up so fast. Should probably get a script to do that for me.

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