Friday, 30 November 2007

Plan for today

It's 6 in the AM and I'm off work in an hour, so I was thinking my plan for today would be to take a break from cash games considering my current downswing and play some SnGs and maybe an MTT. I did fairly well yesterday although I just missed the money in the 2+0.25 180 and I took down a 2+0.25 18 seat SnG quite easily. I was sitting with about 10k chips at the final table with 9 left and 2nd had ~4k, so I started bullying like crazy against the middle stacks who were just trying to survive stealing something like 80% of the time. HU I had 20k to the other guys 7k and he started shoving after he was down to 5k. I managed to pick the right hand and K9s>J9o.

It's really weird that I find cash games easier at Stars than at Full Tilt, but the SnGs are easier at Full Tilt than Stars.Publish Post

Edit: it is now 7:45 and I am going to see what kind of MTTs are starting up. In other news: mmmmm sausage and egg mcgriddles.

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