Thursday, 29 November 2007


Well, today didn't go so well. I dropped 6 buyins at 10NL. I honestly feel like I was playing the best poker I've played all month by far and should have been running at +20BB/100 according to my equity but ran at -34BB/100 instead, obviously the cards didn't agree.

Flopped nut straight x4, top set x3, AA in a 4 bet pot x3, KK in a 4 bet pot hits top set: all no good, and I was getting my money in 70-80% ahead most of the time, too. PokerEV says I was making positive value bets 58% of the time over the 1200 hands I played today so that's all I can really ask for right? Not sure what's going on the last 2 days but the variance is just gross.

Oh well, I will probably take a break for a day or two. I actually literally feel kind of sick thinking about the way the cards were going today. Just bought a treadmill so I can work off some tilt -
it's currently -30 C outside so that's nice. You'll have to excuse me for sounding grumpy, I'm on the night shift at work this week.

I'll try to post a 10NL video maybe at the end of the weekend.

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