Friday, 2 November 2007

So what's this all about anyways?

I've been working on building a bankroll for the past while mostly at full ring 10NL moving between sites to chase bonuses. I started out with about $50 a year and a half ago and slowly grinded it up, working my way from 5NL to 10NL and finally 25NL. I've been following the recommended bankroll requirements of 20 buy-ins for each level.

I decided a little while ago that I would be cashing out the majority of my bankroll towards the end of November to cover some expenses, so I will be forced to drop back down to 10NL. After this cash out, I will be devoting my bankroll solely towards improving my game.

So my plan is to give myself a little bit more of a cushion in terms of bankroll management, I will not move up until I have 25-30 buy-ins for the next level. This will probably mean a bit more work, but it will also show me better whether I'm a winning player or not at that particularl level.

I said in my first post that I refuse to play limit hold'em. Quite simply, it puts me on tilt. not just 'villain hit his 4 outer' tilt. Full blown monkey tilt. I do not understand the thought process that goes into playing winning limit hold'em and I doubt I ever will. I absolutely hate it that I have almost no control over pot odds at a full ring table and the variance is excruciating. So those of you that are looking for posts on limit other than this one, you are probably never going to find one on my blog. That being said, I fully encourage all of the limit players out there to switch to no limit!

All of the stats and graphs that I post will be starting as of November and the creation of this blog and I will play with an effective bankroll of $200 which is enough to play at 10NL although I currently have more than that in my accounts.

I'll probably continue to play a lot of full ring, but I will be starting to throw in a lot of 6 max as well as I find it way too appealing in terms of the extra potential winnings. More hands played means more decisions to make, which should lead to more +EV decisions available to me.

For full ring I usually 6 table and for 6-max I usually 4 table unless I feel like I'm playing my A game at which point I'll 6 table that as well. I play with a HUD to help make decisions easier for myself (and for those of you that don't have one to go with your tracker, GET ONE, it will pay itself off in no time).

I usually try to get in 500-1000 hands a day, more during the weekend. Since I'm still in the micros, I still have a day job and can't always play 1000+ hands a day. I'll see what my options are for posting some videos as well.

Sorry this turned into a tl/dr so here's some cliffnotes:
-cashing out majority of my bankroll, going to play 10NL
-use bankroll management to grind up an effective $200 roll
-I don't play limit because of monkey tilt and variance
-going to play full ring and start playing 6-max
-going to play 500-1000 hands a day
-hopefully post some videos

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