Monday, 26 November 2007

Update - Still playing 10NL

This is just a quick update. I decided since I am playing at 10NL right now which usually has pots that reach just under the $8 mark ($0.40 rake) at the most to give me an FPP on Stars, I will be playing at Full Tilt Poker to get some rakeback instead. That will hopefully help me get to 25NL a little bit faster. I am currently at about a $400 bankroll so another 10 buyins at 10NL and I might start taking some shots at 25NL.

Ideally I would like 25-30 buyins just to be on the safe side, so my goal is to start taking shots at the beginning of next week. Don't know how much I'll be able to play this week as work is going to have me pretty tired for this week. Probably cut down on tables too so I can concentrate.

This morning went really well at FTP, up 3 buyins over 900 hands and running at 16.5BB/100. The rake is actually 10% at FTP for 10NL- double Stars 5% - but with rakeback and the softer/crazier games I think it makes up for it by far. Might play some more this afternoon if I'm feeling up to it.

That 10NL video will be on the way shortly, too.

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