Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Burninating 10NL - Overaggressive players

Put in 2400 hands at 10NL today. My Aggression factor was quite low ~1.5 and I was running at just over 10BB/100 - was actually running at 15BB/100 until I had 2 hands virtually one after another where Villain hit a 3 and a 4 outer, both times I had a set. That put me on tilt so I thought that was good enough for today. Finished up 5 buyins.

I felt almost like a calling station today. People were way overaggressive compared to what I'd played at the lower limits last week, so I thought I would just let them go ahead and bet. When they weren't doing that they were trying to be tricky with their own monsters and let me catch up for free.

Worked out pretty well. I had people betting into me and wouldn't fold to my 3bets either so I waited for some monster hands and stacked quite a few people. I found I could often 3bet the flop when Villain appeared to have top pair, just had to make the bet a little smaller - ie. if they bet $0.40 into a $0.60 pot, they will almost always call a 3bet when I raise to make it $1 but will fold a lot more if I bet around the $1.20 mark. I don't know why but maybe the 3x bet looks a lot stronger and they figure for another $0.60 they can see the next card.

I've got 3000 hands at 10NL so far. I've cut down on the number of tables from the 16-20 that I played at 2NL and 5NL, so I'm currently playing 8-12. I just got some software for making videos, so I'll hopefully get some of those up for you guys as soon as I get a mic for my PC. I could post some already, but it won't be much benefit if you don't know what I'm thinking while I play.

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