Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Nearly 10k hands of 2NL - Still going strong

I've just about completed my 10,000 hands of 2NL. I found that I was just crushing the games, so I decided to ramp up on tables. I'll be refering to ptBB/100 hands as BB/100 from now on to simplify a little bit (for those that don't know, a ptBB is 2 times the big blind. It was originally developed for limit and it counted in terms of Big Bets). So any time I refer to something like 10BB/100 at 2NL, I am saying (10 x 2) x $0.02 = $0.40/100 hands.

So I dropped to 18BB/100 for November due to a bunch of coolers yesterday costing me quite a few buyins. I think I actually ran at -1BB/100. Set over set, KK vs AA, that sort of thing - nothing I can do about that. Today was much better and I ran at 40BB/100 for 1700 hands to bring my winrate up again over 7100 total hands. I'll post a graph and some stats once I hit the 10k hand mark - most likely tomorrow.

I said before that I normally 6 table full ring, but since I've found these game so incredibly easy, I've actually been running between 12 and 16 tables. When I 6 table, I just tile the tables and they fit nicely on my widescreen with no overlapping, although the tables are as small as I can make them.

Now with 16 tables I obviously can't do this because everything would be a mess. What I've found works for so many more tables is to make them the size of half the width of your monitor and stack them all on the left side in one pile. Make sure that you set your options to make the active table pop to the top when you need to act and you're all set. If there is a hand that I am particularly interested in I pull that table off to the right side so that I can watch the action more closely, write down my notes, and move it back. I've also noticed that this helps a lot in terms of making decisions as each hand that pops up is just one decision. I was trying to watch all 6 tables at once when I tiled them and couldn't keep track of any of them. Having them stacked basically gives you "yes or no" decisions, and then you move on.

I thought I'd share some multi-tabling tips that I've picked up for those that are new to the idea:


1. If you feel bored, multi-tabling may be for you. It helps you to let go of marginal hands because better hands and better situations will be coming along much quicker.

2. Start off by adding 1 table at a time until you feel comfortable to add another. If you find yourself panicking when you here the incesant beeping of the timer going off or even timing out, drop a table.

3. Keep an eye on your winrate. If you can pull in 6BB/100, you may drop to 5BB/100 if you add an extra table because your concentration will be divided. This may sound counterproductive, but it will actually increase your hourly winrate. Before, if you could get in 100 hands per hour you would be earning $0.24 per hour at 6BB/100, but at 5BB/100 on 2 tables you earn $0.20 per hour per table for a total of $0.40 per hour. I suggest finding a happy medium and make sure that your earnings per hour are optimal.

The point of multi-tabling is to help you get to the long term faster.

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