Sunday, 25 November 2007

5NL Video

I made a video playing 5NL deepstacked for 200BB. I found myself in a lot of standard situations but feel free to leave comments on any of the hands in the video. I thought it would be a good way for beginners out there to get an idea of some of the things that work at this level and maybe I could get some suggestions for improvement as well. After rewatching part of the video I found a couple of hands that I just butchered such as the AQ hand at 21:50 so those are some things that will help me improve (not sure what I was thinking there, lol). I'll be posting a 10NL video as well hopefully in the next couple of days.

I decided that I don't really want to give out my screenname right now since I am also posting my stats, so that's the reason for covering my screenname on the tables and in Poker Tracker.

You can download the video here (173 MB): 5NL Video
It's in AVI format so if you can't see it you'll need to download the Techsmith codecs here:

The audio is a little scratchy because I compressed it a little bit too much trying to keep the file size down. Feel free to leave a comment on anything: video, play style, specific hands, etc.

I use PAHUD on all of my tables so here's a quick reference for it:

VPIP %/ PF Raise % / Total Aggression Postflop / Total Hands Played

Att. to Steal % / C-bet % / Went to Showdown % / Won Showdown %

Calls PF Raise % / Fold to C-bet % / Calls C-bet % / Raises C-bet %


  1. hi! very nice blog! just wanted to try and help by pointing out that if you don't want people to see your screen name then you might want to check the top of each table screen ;) where is says who you're logged in as... but keep up the blog bro!

  2. LOL! Thanks, did't even think about that. Oh well. So much for that plan. I'll hide it on my next one ;)