Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Software to help you with your game

I feel like writing today, so I'll add another post about software that I use to help me with my game. I'll list software and links to where you can find it as well:

Poker Tracker $55 USD

This is the must have tool for keeping track of your winnings, your stats, and most importantly the stats of your opponents. You can filter all sorts of stuff to figure out how well you are playing in certain situations. I also play back my hands in the hand replay window to review how I played - this is very important to do if you want to improve. It will pay itself off multiplie times over. The trial version lets you enter up to 1000 hands.

PokerAce HUD (Heads Up Display) $25 USD

Instead of having to open up Poker Tracker to quickly look up stats on your opponents, which you often don't have time to do, PAHUD overlays the stats you want on your opponents right on the table. You can also pop up a window with more detailed stats by clicking on a players name. This is very helpful when multi-tabling. This will also pay itself off many times over.

Pokergrapher Free - requires Poker Tracker

This program will take your Poker Tracker database and graph your winnings over time. You can also filter this by which sites and stakes you play at.

Poker Stove Free

I find this program useful when I review my sessions. You can basically put in your hand and a number of hands that your opponent may have in a situation and it will tell you what your equity is based on that range.

Poker EV Free

This is kind of a neat little tool to figure out what you should have won compared to what you have won (Sklanksy bucks). It's also got a tool to show you how lucky or unlucky you are over time and on what streets you are making the biggest mistakes. It has some filter options as well.

Setometer Free

I picked this one up today. It's kind of interesting to see how often you flop a set with a pocket pair within a standard variation and how often you win in those kinds of situations. It's also got some other stats like whether you win with KK vs AA or vise versa. It basically shows how you do in way ahead/way behind situations. For me it helps put the coolers and suckouts into perspective, because they really don't happen as often as it seems like they do and in the end they do even out to the expected value.


  1. Great list of tools. Another you might want to consider is IdleMiner, especially if you are a Poker Tracker / HuD user. IdleMiner will automatically open and close table windows for you so that you can observe tables and capture hand information for import into Poker Tracker. The idea is to datamine the field that you play in most frequently so that you have more information about your opponents for when you face them at the table.

    Food for thought.

  2. Thanks for the info. I've heard about this tool before and I suppose it would be useful on sites that allow datamining. Unfortunately, I know that Stars and Party both don't, although there are others out there that do.

    For those of you that want to use this program, I suggest checking the TOC of the site you play on and if you are unsure, it never hurts to send an email asking them if they allow data mining.