Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It continues...

Intellidonks are pwning me pretty hard the past couple of days. I get 2 pot sized bets in and then they hit their 3-5 outer. So incredibly frustrating. I am down over 10 buyins in equity in hands where I've flopped top pair or an overpair this month and -8 buyins in equity when I have those hands on the turn. People just keep catching turn and river cards that make weird 2 pairs or catch flush and straight draws when stacks aren't even near big enough to justify for implied odds - constantly - and I can't do anything about it. They call overbet shoves on the turn with bare flush draws. This SHOULD be equalling an increase in my bankroll. Sadly it is not.

I think I've been playing extremely well and have increased my skill and reading abilities immensely in the last month, but I'm still waiting to see the actual $ results rather than the Sklansky$ results.

I don't even need to run good. I just want to run average.

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