Saturday, 27 September 2008

Longest Session. Ever.

Just finished a marathon 8 hour session 18 tabling 25NL full ring for 7 of those and 6 tabling for a sweat session with another 2p2er. Time flies. Just under 6k hands.

I was up just over 10 buyins after 5 hours. Then I went on a downswing and lost 3 all in pots, 2 when my set got outdrawn and 1 where my million out draw didn't hit. This resulted in me spewing 2 more buyins. Took a washroom break and came back un-tilted to finish up a total of 7 buyins.

I'm not tired of poker yet amazingly, so I'm off to play some 6 max. I need 60 more VPPs to get back to Platinum - Yeah!

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