Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sleepy - Off to work

Tables were pretty good last night. I decided I'm just going to play my nitty/aggro game again and stop getting into tough spots and post a win. Worked out alright for 6 buyins. I've been LAGing it up a bit lately, and although I'm getting my money in good by far the majority of the time the variance has just been -selfconfidenceEV.

It doesn't hurt that I was getting dealt QQ+ like they were on clearance sale either, lol, and they were holding. I've also realized the value of cold calling AA/KK in some spots. I gain absolutely nothing out of nits who raise JJ+ preflop and insta-fold JJ/QQ to 3bets when I'm a 80/20 favorite and this has been worth a few buyins lately. They're more than willing to stack off postflop with an overpair.

I'm thinking about making a 10NL or 25NL video. My original plan for this blog was to make one at each level, but I kind of forgot about that. I'll see if I can get one uploaded by Sunday.

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