Monday, 8 September 2008

ptBB / VPP+FPP Calculator

I was bored at work a few days ago so I decided to make this ptBB/100 / VPP+FPP Calculator in MS Excel. I was tired of punching in the same calculations over and over on a calculator, so this makes it easy to see a lot of info at once by changing your variables. The VPP+FPP part is obviously for Stars.

Just enter your data in the white boxes, the coloured ones are labels and formulas. I just put in some estimates for VPP rates and have no idea if they are correct so you'll want to change these or your stakes if you play higher or have different VPP rates. Everything is calculated off your VPP multiplier and the variables you input for the "Hands / Hour / Table" and "Tables" fields.

I like to use it to figure out long term goals, like if I play 1040 hours for the year, just type in a 1040 hour session, etc etc. You can enter a specific VPP target and figure out how many hours that will take, and I've included some benchmark points for VPPs and FPPs for quick reference.

I posted a different one in the FR chat thread the other day, but this one is a little more polished and I toned down the gawdy colours. Any suggestions are appreciated, just post a comment. Enjoy!

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