Monday, 15 September 2008

Steaks Poll Results

Results from the poll regarding currently regular stakes of people that read this blog (8 votes):

2NL - 5NL 12%
10NL - 25NL 50%
50NL - 100NL 25%
200NL+ 12%

So I've decided to make a 10NL full ring video this week and a 25NL full ring video next week. Perhaps the week after that I can show you guys my week-tight 50NL game, lol.

This weeks poll: Which poker concept/theory has been most valuable to your game?

*In this case I would like to expand Zeebo Theorem to mean no one folds obvious monsters, not just full houses. ie. on 6789T no flush, no one ever folds Jx, so we shove our QJ.

If you've had any other "a-ha!" moments that you've found valuable, leave a comment for this post.

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