Saturday, 6 September 2008


10k hands breakeven again. These are starting to wear on me, they occur so often. I can even pinpoint when they are going to happen:

1. run card dead.
2. get frustrated.
3. force hands.
4. a) 4-5 buyin downswing.
4. b) massive coolers, ie. me getting lots of decent 2nd best hands, which I think are monsters at this point.
5. tilt another 2 buyins.
6. regain composure.
7. swong back up 6 buyins.
8. run real breakeven - graph is horizontal.
9. ??????
10. rinse and repeat.

I need to break this cycle. I suppose I should stop at #3. Running slowly downhill is much better than jumping off cliffs. I'm going to try to cut this one short instead of letting it go 20-30k hands again.

Might make it back to Platinum for next month. I've put in over 15k hands already and I'm about 1/4 of the way there.

I've been tired lately too, maybe that's part of it. Should go to bed.

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